• Scripturial aims to collect the minimum amount of personal information required to provide this serice.
  • Scripturial aims to avoid sharing any personal information to the maximum extent practical for providing this service.
  • Scripturial aims to protect all personal information using all appropriate technological means.

What information Scripturial collects

Your name and your email address is required as part of registering your copy of the mobile application. Your name and email address is displayed to you in the application, is used inside email correspondence. It is requested that you provide your real name, but it is not required.

To participate in the leaderboard, you will choose a display name and display icon. This display name will be visible to other users of the system. You may choose to use your real name, or you may choose a username or alternative preferred name.

When you answer questions, basic information about your answer is stored. Your scores are displayed on the public leaderboards along with your display name.

Statistcs on responses to questions are collected, in order to allow qualified teachers to analyse which questions students are having difficulty answering. These statistics will be used to adapt and improve future versions of the application.

Your IP address is collected for security purposes only. The IP address information may be viewed by staff or automatically monitored by the system. Your IP address is used to detect and prevent unauthorised activity and intrusions.

How we handle Personal Data

Your personal information is stored on secure servers. Your information is sychronised between multiple servers in multiple countries to facilitate continued operationif there is a failure in one region.

Staff and teachers are expected to treate all information as private to the maximum exent possible under the applicable laws for each country staff or servers are located. Your personal identifying information may be shared with law enforcement if this information is required to be shared according to law.

We are committed to ensure your data is protected. We take all reasonable measures to ensure that your data is guarded against attempts at illegal access. This involves following security best practices. This includes logging IP address, device, and location of any activity on the site using an IP lookup tool to detect and prevent fraudulent activities. None of this data is provided to third parties for any reason. If any suspicious activity is detected we will report such activity to the police and any users impacted by this activity.

Any abusive activity will lead to suspension or deletion of the offending account. When user accounts are deleted, this account will no longer be accessable. When a user account is deleted all personally identifying information is removed.


This website uses cookies to track your progress as you study and to support personalization of your experience. Your account or activity is never connected with or shared with third party providers. Where third party advertising panels appear, these third party providers may collect browser and usage information.


If your local region has legislation regarding children using internet services, you must agree to not provide information that is protected under the legislation in your local region. For example. In the US, children under the age of 13 are not permitted under COPA legislation to use Scripturial without direct parental supervision and permission.

If you are not sure if of your ability to consent to this personal information being recorded for a minor you are not permitted to use this service.